Thursday, April 01, 2010

The trip to easter dinner

I took a trip to the butcher shop yesterday. Some of the last of the market lambs needed to start their journey to Easter dinner.

The butcher shop we use is over near the County seat, about a 45 minute drive.

There are TWO bear crossing signs on the route. I think that's cool all by itself, even though I've never seen a bear near one of them.

I'm not at all sure how a warning like that is supposed to help you cope with encountering a bear on the road.

I know the deer crossing signs are there to remind us to keep a gambrel and a skinning knife in the trunk.

My little truck and trailer would not do well in a deer encounter much less one with a bear.

Maybe someday the sheep will buy me a dually one ton with a goose neck featherlight stock trailer, but I doubt it will happen any time soon. Anyway a rig like that would look a little silly with a load of three lambs.

Our farm tools and implements are required to have a high "funk" factor. The battered old red trailer has that!