Monday, January 23, 2006

Lever gun

Santa brought me a Winchester lever action carbine in 357 magnum for Christmas.
I just ordered a peep sight for it and intend to find a home for it somewhere in my pickup truck.

This is the one: Brownells

After getting some advice from PawPaw's House: Reader Mail, I finally got off the mark and placed the order.

My big rifle (Remington 742 in 30.06) has a low power scope on it. This is my favorite setup usually. Set up far forward per Jeff Cooper. I have a .22 plinker set up the same way, lots of fun.

I also have a little Marlin Papoose with conventional iron sites. It’s a good little gun but I can’t set any marksmanship records with it. I don’t shoot this one as often as the others.

I’ve only used a peep sight lever gun one time, a while back a fellow at the range let me try his. Fun.

My rationalization for this new toy is an on again off again war I have going with the local raccoons and one “wily coyote” that I (any my neighbors on both sides) have been trying to assassinate for the last two years. The coyote has gone completely nocturnal, and just when we decide he’s moved in with Osama, he shows back up.

The raccoons just love to snack on chickens when they are young. They prefer the heads. The goal seems to be to cause as much carnage and make as big a mess as possible.

Anyway, this little carbine is just 33 inches long over all. The beasties seldom get close enough for a pistol and won’t hang out long enough for me to go the house and get something bigger. When I’m working around the place the pickup is usually somewhere close.

I’m glad to have these varmints around; if it weren’t for them I’d need to make up some other excuse to play with these toys :-).

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Walter Jeffries said...

Jim, I'm surprised your dogs don't take care of the problem with the coon and coyotes. Ours consider both to be delicious and snap them up in an instant. The result is no coon around our area anymore. Good luck with the new toy and I hope you get the invaders! -Walter, in Vermont