Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hay in the barn

The over the hill gang showed up as promised Monday to do all the adjustments on the hay baler.

They got here a little before noon and left about three o’clock.

When they left, not only were the adjustments made, all the hay in the field was baled and stacked in the barn. All this while I was stuck in my office with a phone in my ear.

Who says you can’t get good help these days!

It was a fairly small load of hay, less than 50 bales, but it looked better than I thought it would after being rained on.

I went right back out last evening and mounted the mower back on the tractor and sharpened the blades.

I intend to start cutting the larger field all the way at the back of our land this evening.


The Food Lady said...

That's a good feeling! Hard to believe that the words "get ready for winter" passed my lips this weekend. It's that time of year...

Marci said...

We had friends help us get our hay in as well. It is a blessing to have friends. Glad you got your hay in.