Monday, September 18, 2006

Make hay while the sun shines

Well, at least while the rain holds off.

The forecast at midweek last week was for rain Wednesday followed by clear dry weather until at least today.

It did indeed rain Wednesday, but from then it was cloudy most of the day and even a bit threatening in the late afternoons. But here’s the thing, no actual rain.

This set up a rare occurrence here on the A3 farm, hay that gets from the field to the barn without getting rained on at all.

I cut two paddocks, one Thursday evening and one Friday evening.

I raked them both up on Saturday. One was bailed Saturday the other Sunday.

We loaded it all in the barn Sunday, the first batch early, the second batch in the late evening.

It is a bit easier to work outside now that the high temperatures for the day is just in the high eighties.

That’s about ten degrees cooler than it has been. Morning and evenings are really quite pleasant.

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The Food Lady said...

That's great! How much hay did you put up? Can you graze the sheep over the winter, or do you need to rely solely on hay?

We put up about 175 bales for the winter, and last year we had about 240. We just finished the last bale from last year, and have started on this year's hay. I think we'll be okay, but DH wants to get one more cutting out of the field. Frankly, I'm too lazy for that. : ) But hey, if he's bored on a particular Saturday and wants something to do...

Glad to hear the critters are guaranteed to have something to eat this winter.