Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Was it really Raining?

I'm fairly sure it rained around here once, long ago.

In the last post I said we got nearly half and inch. Guess how much we have had since then. That dry dusty cough was the answer.

I just looked at the ten day forecast. A 10% chance of rain was the biggest number in the whole forecast.

I read on the other farm blogs that everyone is struggling through mud season. If you are in that situation, please feel free to send some of that moisture down here.

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Alan said...

That 10% you saw was more than I've seen. Nearly into our annual dry spell of April and May now. With a La Nina forecast on top of it we may not see much, if any, rain before June, maybe even later.

Raking up and spreading mulch has moved up on my job list. When it gets really dry like this I can't keep up with the watering if I don't put down lots of mulch.