Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yard Birds

Several years ago when we started raising a few chickens we had one hen who would escape over my electronet fence and hang out in the barn and the adjoining barnyard all day.

Every evening she would go back over the fence and roost with the other birds.

Mama named this hen "Harriet" as in Harriet Tubman, on account of all the escaping she was doing.

Now any hen who goes over the fence is called Harriet.

This year we had a different hen that did that. This hen would also lay eggs in a mostly unused corner of the barn. We didn't notice the eggs at the time.

Eventually, she want broody and hatched some of the eggs.

She is now a yard bird. She show no interest in re-joining the rest of the flock. She stays out with her chicks all the time.
So this is Harriet.

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Alan said...

I've got a Harry and a Harriet. The boss bird of the older flock learned how to get out of the henyard. He did it so many times that eventually one of his hens started doing it too. None of the others get out, just them. If I don't let them back in come the evening he'll eventually fly back over the fence, but she won't.

You going to do any more broilers?