Friday, October 24, 2008

Putting up hay

OK, so I am way behind on posting, better late than never I guess. We put up hay about two weeks ago and here finally is the write up.

Here are photos of the cutting, baling, and hauling.

Our old and small equipment did a good job, but as is most often with small equipment the work was slower than it would have been with big equipment.

As is also often the case with old equipment, we had to stop and fix things several times during the process.

Having said that, the hay is in the barn and there is enough to last the sheep through the winter.

Lots of help was received this year from big brother Jon, who came up for several days and worked like a dog the whole time.

The quote of the week from him: "I can't believe some people actually do this for a living!"

Misters Cooney and Nelson, the legendary "Over the hill gang" were on hand to bolt the machinery back together every time it fell apart, which was fairly often.

I'm grateful to everyone for all the help.

There is nothing like a barn full of hay to give me that "No matter what happens, we can make it" sort of feeling.


Goat Mom said...

AMEN! Just finished putting the last of ours up last weekend! Glad your work is done, too.

WillyNoe said...

Stoll at it after all these years! I remember going to a stock show in Hebbardsville with you 35+ years ago.

Saw Stuart last time I was in you-know-where. We are all old now. I'm fat, too.

You look good. Work hard.

Love, Brad

JOHN G said...

Hey Jim
Saw your blog about cutting hay. I'm trying to do the same thing in Melrose. I bought an old baler and am still working on it. It will work soon I hope. John