Thursday, October 05, 2006

Home made peeps

A while ago I figured out that in order to sell eggs at the new farmers market I would need to offer them as fertilized hatching eggs rather than table eggs.

This is, for the most part, a dodge to avoid AG department busybodies who seem to believe that eggs come from factories and therefore prohibit anyone who doesn’t have a factory from selling eggs. They don’t know about chickens apparently.

Well, I may be forced to play wink and nod, but I wanted to know if such a claim would be true. So I borrowed a small incubator from a friend and installed four-dozen eggs in it.

I keep two roosters with my laying hens, so the eggs should indeed be fertile. Up to now I have never hatched any.

Well, I more or less forgot about them. Every few days I’d roll them around in the incubator. I lost track of when I put them in there.

Yesterday they started to hatch. I knew they were supposed to hatch of course, but I was still surprised.

I was at the feed store yesterday buying feed for the laying hens. It never entered my mind to get chick starter.

I went out just now and got starter feed, then put the ones that have hatched into the brooder.

Ten have hatched so far.


Chicken Mama said...

Home made peeps are the best kind!

Always used broody hens before, but it's too late in the season for any volunteers. I've got an incubator full as we speak- trying to get our production up to meet the demand for our eggs. Can't keep up with requests. I've been turning them faithfully 3 times a day, monitoring the humidity and temperature and so on. Now watch the over-protective one of us not get any to hatch!

Congrats on the new ones!


Chicken Mama said...

Meant to congratulate you on your creativity in getting around the ridiculous list of rules and restrictions at your Farmer's Market so you can sell your eggs. Very clever!

thingfish23 said...

Sorry - this post answers a question in a later comments section re: Gov't busybodies and your sale of eggs.

Now I know. "Hatching eggs". Got it.