Monday, February 27, 2006

Chicken Crates

The weather was sloppy here for most of the weekend so I put off my plan to get the garden plots ready to plant and shifted to puttering around in my little workshop to entertain myself.

I had come across an article on home made chicken crates a long while back on the APPPA web site. I thought they looked cool, but I had two problems with them.

1) I don’t have any lath strips and don’t know where to get any. The lumberyard doesn’t carry them and have no source for scrap.

2) These are too big for me to carry. They are fine for most folks, but I wanted something I could carry in my lap. I need my hands to push the wheelchair.

I had some old snow fence that I reclaimed from the chicken pen in my garden, so that was my source for lath strips. I modified the plan so that instead of building them 2’ x 3’ I built them 2’ x 18”.

Anyone who has seen the sort of carpentry work I do will immediately recognize this as my work; note the extensive use of the 87 degree angle :-).

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Terre d'Esprit said...

"note the extensive use of the 87 degree angle"


We went to the same woodworking school. : )