Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pear Tree

All of the sudden I noticed leaves on the pear tree.

Now I don’t inspect the pear tree on a regular basis, and here in the deep south lots of trees don’t even loose all there leaves at any one time.

Even so, the pear tree in the back yard is bare during the winter. It gets its leaves back at the first sign of spring, before most other trees.

Same Tree about 10 days earlier

So to all my friends way up there in those tiny little nosebleed latitudes, there is hope! Spring has to come through me to get to you. It’s coming!


Scott Holtzman said...

Interesting Idea on the corn & cowpeas. I don't have the livestock for it yet (need more land) but I am putting in a patch of cowpeas myself this year for many of the 'heartiness' you mentioned. As well I'm told the make a good "green manure" crop for fertilizing the soil and I am "blessed" with a lot of heavy clay and little original top soil.

You might say I'm learning how to "Grow Dirt" in a sense.

Ps. I like the info on the pear tree, wondering what type of pear? Regards.

jimWarmke said...


To be honest I don't know what sort of pear tree it is. It was here when we bought the place. So far each tree (we have three of them in different places) has produced rather a lot of fruit that never gets quite as soft as what you buy in the store. None of us in the family eat as many of them straight off the tree as I would have expected.

I did give a sack full to the old guy we bought the place from and he later gave us a few jars of preserves that his wife had made from them. The preserves were GREAT.

My wife says it may be a Bradford pear, but she's not to sure about that.