Monday, February 13, 2006

Chickens in the pasture

This weekends project was moving chickens.

The laying hens have been plowing up my garden since last summer. I had a tiny garden patch that I was neglecting. I thought that if the chickens were nearby I would have to go feed them and collect the eggs, and perhaps I'd pull the occasional weed just from shame.

I had been dragging the small chicken pen from place to place in the pasture until then and it seemed like it would be easier to leave them in one place for a while.

I built an enclosure that was about 12' x 20' and regularly tossed in everything from table scraps, junk hay and a big pile of sheep manure and wood chips that I'd cleaned out of the barn.

Click for a larger view.

The arrangementment is my take on the "Dollar Hen" system.

Hat tip: Robert Plamondon.

The hoop house I already had but was not using for anything else at the moment. It has no floor and is just for roosting and shelter.

The small pen is just nest boxes, the top opens making collecting eggs easy. Feed and water are both outside. The fence is the electric netting from premier.

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