Monday, March 20, 2006

Farm Work

Another good weekend here at dog patch south. We (Mr. Cooney was here again Saturday) did a fairly major upgrade on the sheep handling facilities. We put in a plywood floor at the side of the single file chute, lowered the side of the cute, and added a guillotine gate.

I did a post about the facilities a while ago so I’ll just update the diagram I did then. Click to enlarge.

What is being built here is the world’s first wheelchair accessible sheep handling facility.

Of course it won’t work well if used by someone shorter, taller, older, younger, or more psychologically fit that I am.

I love custom tools.

I also got the garden beds planted. I have an area with just corn, an area with just cowpeas, and an area with cowpeas planted between the cornrows.

All this is very small scale. It is an experiment to see if it makes sense to grow the extra feed I use to get the ewes through lambing.

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