Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More chickens arrive

My order for day old peeps arrived this morning. The Post Office called just after 7:00 AM. They always sound a bit frantic when this happens, I don’t think they like getting packages that make noise.

I wasn’t completely ready, but near enough. I stopped at the hardware store and got some chick starter feed on the way to the Post Office.

After several days of temperatures that were downright hot, it rained late yesterday and then got cold. It was about 50 degrees and windy this morning. I hope the brooder keeps them warm enough. It should be OK.

I’ll get some better pictures soon.

Speaking of witch, I’ll try to get a good shot of the pasture. That rain was just what we needed; it is all the sudden green as Ireland out there.

We now officially have grass, and all the ruminants, as well as Gracie, the old red mare, very much approve.

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