Monday, March 06, 2006

MSA Meeting

On Saturday (03/04/2006) we went to the Spring Meeting of the Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida. It took place at Ruth Taber’s Calovine Farm near Williston, Florida.

The main topic of discussion was lambing. We should start lambing here in about a month. Ruth finished up a bout six weeks ago and had just weaned the majority of her lambs.

Ruth has somewhere around 200 ewes, and at the moment something under 300 lambs.
She has a bit more land than we do, but acre for acre we have better grass.

She has been doing this for about 15 years and has well established facilities, most of which I covet extremely.

She has in her employ an entire squadron of sheep type farm dogs, two well trained border collies for herding and two (or thjree?) Great Pyrenees for guarding.

There were about 50 people present. We all ate large amounts of great lamb stew and yammered at each other endlessly about sheep and all related subjects.

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