Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lambing season starts Easter Sunday.

The plan was to move the ewes to new ground so the lambs will be exposed to fewer pathogens when they hit the ground.

We got the fences set up and went to get the sheep from the dry lot where we have been penning them up at night.

We found the first lambs of the season in the dry lot with everyone else.

No one explained to them about pathogens, so they simply proceeded to bounce around the way new lambs do.

The Ewe was #101, we tagged the lambs #9, a ram lamb @ 7lbs 1 oz, and #10, a ewe lamb @ 6lbs 15oz.

While we were at it we moved the chickens to new ground as well.

One down, thirty nine to go.

You all may be seeing lots of baby pictures in the near future.

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