Monday, April 02, 2007

Scratch the ground and shoot up the sheep

Over the winter the chickens were more or less confined in an area for the pasture near the house.

Lots of junk hay was tossed in for bedding. This area is destined to be this years corn and cowpea patch.

The original post is here: Big honking chicken tractor

Mr. Nelson brought his funky old Farmall tractor over and disked it all up.

He is 50% of the “Over the hill gang” that sometimes helps out around here, Mr. Cooney being the other half. Both these guys are 80 years old and have forgotten more about farming that I ever hope to know.

I asked him why the tractor wasn’t red like they usually are. He said that he has this one dressed up like the ones that the hi-way department had for mowing the roadside back in the day.

He shows this tractor and some old hit and miss engines he has at the County fair and such places.

Mr. Nelson is the guy who keeps my 1960 vintage New Holland hay baler going.

Saturday was spent watching Mr. Nelson work and fixing some fence. Sunday we gave the ewes their yearly CD/T vaccine boosters and helped butcher out friends Rhonda and Brian’s last nine broiler chickens.

Us part time farmers must sometimes do things when we can rather than when we should, but we muddle through somehow.

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Pawpaw said...

Learn all you can from that fellow.

And personally, I don't see anything at all wrong with that old Farmall. It takes a confident farmer to use a white tractor.