Monday, April 09, 2007

Lots of lambs

Last evening about suppertime ewe # 115 delivered twin ram lambs. We numbered them 11 and 14.

She had no problems and needed no help. She is also one of the new group of ewes we bought last spring.

This morning at daybreak we had five more lambs on the ground.

Ewe # 4 had twin ewe lambs. They are numbered 21 and 22.

Ewe #170 and twins as well, one ram and one ewe. They are numbered 23 and 24.

Ewe #400 had a single ewe lamb. She is numbered 25.

No weights on any of these yet, the scale was acting up but it seems OK now.

We have two breeding rams, one white Kathadin and one black that is mostly Florida Native. It’s easy to tell who sired who.

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